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'CrazyAL Tiki Gallery Collection'
Crazy AL Tiki#13
"Keeper of the Charm"

The Thirteenth Tiki Carved - 1998
debut of Sculpture
** Copro/Nason - TIKI ART SHOW - Oct. '98 **
One Of Four Sculptures in the Group Show at Bahooka, Rosemead & the Key Club, Hollywood

Four Foot Tall Mexican Fan Palm Segment

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The 13th tiki sculpture by CrazyAL, "Keeper of the Charm", is a tiki of great importance.
It has been bestowed with the care of all tiki neck charms. Yes, the very neck charms of our memories.
Tiki #13 holds sentry over those neck charms that we bestowed with our own fortunes.

** Original Sculpture & History**
Keeper of the Charm
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