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Special Release of
collectable Sammy Hagar - Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Tiki Mugs

'CrazyAL Sculpture for Sammy Hagar'
CrazyAL's Red Rocker Tiki
Available At

There was only 25, of the 250 signed edition,
that were Glazed by CrazyAL himself in Special Custom Glazes.
All are one of a kind!

Limited 25 Special Glazed Mugs by CrazyAL!

Only 25 ONE of a KIND mugs were made, Hand Signed and Dated.

Each of the numbered 250 ‘Sam Ku’ Tiki Mugs is autographed by Sammy Hagar.

Your 'Sam-Ku' tiki mug was personally signed for you by Sammy Hagar using a Sharpie pen.
The longevity of this signature is the sole responsibility of the mug owner.
ONLY 25! Where Glazed by CrazyAL!
Click to see the CrazyAL Mugs in this Public Gallery

Tiki Mug is 8 inches tall and holds a 20 oz!!

For Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum, Crazy Al wanted to portray Sammy as a ‘Rock God Ku’ perched on a Hawaiian lava rock Ahu (altar) playing his ‘Sammy Hagar’ edition Gibson Explorer guitar as his Warrior Ax. When it came down to a glaze color there was only one choice, RED.

The dimensions of the mug are 4.5 x 8” and they hold 20oz of your favorite tiki mixture.

Sammy can drink out of his mug because he can resign his.

Each mug comes with a numbered Certificate Of Authenticity, shown below.

**** TIKIMANIA's allotment of 100 was fullfilled by in 5 Minutes! on 12/11/12 ****

The Next Allotment was Available Through Sammy's Red Rocker Site and SOLD in a Day!
Check out more Sammy Stuff Here:
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The total production run of the signed mug is 250 with Tikimania allocated 125 mugs and Red Rocker 125

were $100 each...+ S/H

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