Special Release of
collectable Swank Pad Mai-Kai Memories Series Mugs

'CrazyAL Sculpture for the Mai Kai'
Brought to you by Swank Pad


*** Special First 150 Mugs ***


The Mai-Kai opened in 1956 and they added the Molokai Bar in 1958.

The Molokai Maiden haunts your memories of those quiet nights of rum filled reverie in the Molokai Bar.

You long to return to contemplate her thousand yard stare into history.

The greatest Tiki Temple on the planet is inhabited by this quiet beauty which has been amazingly recreated by the skilled hands of Crazy Al.
Part of the profits from this mug go to support the happiest place on earth, the Mai-Kai!

Relive the mystery of the Mai-Kai every time you drink from this amazing mug.

Designed and Sculpted by CrazyAL
Maiden Mug is 9" X 5.75" X 4" and holds a 14 oz!!

first 150 mugs, All Glazed by CrazyAL! and Sold!!
Commission Yours Today!!!

First 100 Mugs will be APs, Deluxe Glazes and Custom Color Small Editions Numbered and Dated.

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Prevent getting hood-winked or Shanghaied: read your recruitment papers thoroughly.
There are no refunds of Deposit or Purchase since your funds will have been Purposed for the Armada.
It may be two or three months to get your mug, maybe much sooner depending on what you order.

The Crazy PayPal Buttons are not good at shipping and shipping cost may very.

The First 50 Mugs were Artist Proofs, One of a Kind, and Deluxe Glazes in editions of up to, but not more then 10. Numbered and Dated.



Artist Proofs and One of a Kind Glazes Sold for $360 or at Ebay Auction

NOW $500.00

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Artist Proof or One of a Kind Deposit $250
Artist Proof or One of a Kind Full-Pay $500
shipping $10-20? or TBD

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MM02 – ‘Bright-Maiden' $309 Sold OUT!(edition of only 10!)

MM02 – ‘Bright-Maiden' --------- Full-Pay $309
shipping $10-12 or TBD
*** SOLD OUT! ***

MM03 – ‘Dark-Maiden' $309 ** SOLD OUT! ***(edition of not more then 10, possibly less will be commissioned)

MM03 – ‘Dark-Maiden” Deposit $150 --------- Full-Pay $309
shipping $10-12 or TBD

MM04 – ‘Natural-Maiden' $206 (edition of only 10!) SOLD OUT!

MM04 – ‘Natural-Maiden” Deposit $100 --------- Full-Pay $206
shipping $10-12 or TBD
*** SOLD OUT! ***

MM05 - ‘Mango-Maiden’ flat & glossy finish $103 (edt. of 25)

MM05 – ‘Mango-Maiden’ Full-Pay $103
shipping $10-12 or TBD
*** SOLD OUT! ***

MM06 - CrazyAL Glaze ‘Kona SeaFoam Blue’ $80 (edition of 50) SOLD OUT

MM06 – ‘Kona SeaFoam Blue’ Full-Pay $80
shipping $10-12 or TBD
*** SOLD OUT! ***

CrazyAL has decided not to Produce an Edition of 100-200.
Look for continued edtions of 10-25 of these Ladies.
The Crazy Capitan is Plotting a one color glaze Course in something similar to this.

NEXT? 5-25?? CrazyAL Molokai Maidens!
Look for very limited runs!!

Click to see the Artist Proof UPDATES in this Public Gallery
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