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'CrazyAL Tiki Gallery Collection'

Kona Club

New-Old Stock Editions are numbered as they are unboxed from original shipping carton. Only one half will be Available through CrazyAL and the other half on site at the Kona Club in Oakland CA. Future Glazed Editions of New Old Stock may not be glazed by CrazyAL. Mugs Glazed by CrazyAL are engraved or marked with a 'glaze pencil' w/ signature. and dated & number.


In 2007 CrazyAL sculpted a mug design of the owner
of the Kona Club in Oakland CA.This mug is a replica of the
original textures of the Kona Club interior designed by Bamboo Ben.
CrazyAL sculpted this piece complete with the original Tapas designs
and Matting on the walls. The mural depicts a pre-Cpt.Cooke view of the
town of Kona and the surfing cove where family property was owned...
the site of an actual Hawaiian temple and State Monument.

CrazyAL's master sculpt was sent off for production over seas and a
PO of 1000 mugs was written. CrazyAL also kept a copy of the master sculpt
and produced his own line on Kona Club Mugs. An outstanding job has
been done in the production of these complex pieces. All the varied texture
of the original sculptures are clearly seen, perfectly recreating
CrazyAL's manic style of sculpting.

Over Seas, the master sculpt was "re-sculpted" but not replicated.
A production of 1000 mugs where delivered to Oakland. However, this was done
without approval of a glaze sample. The 1000 mugs where delivered with only
small details having been glazed in pink!?! The mugs where where rejected and
shelved in a basement for 15 years...Numberouse un'glazed mugs subsiquently
have been sold by the bar and will show up on
Ebay for inflated prices.


Only Custom Mugs Where Glazed by CrazyAL from 2008-Present totaling Only 117 mugs.
Original CrazyAL Kona Club Mug is 8 inches tall and holds 16oz.
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The New-Old Stock totals 1000 mugs.
Production Kona Club Mug is 8.5 inches tall and holds More than 16oz.
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Missing or Changed Details

The right side shows the replica sculpt with many simplified details and added height to lettering.

The right side shows the replica sculpt missing Oakland CA, different tapa, thicker lettering.

The right shows the replica sculpt simplified rope, different signature, moved bamboo detail and surfer arm.

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